Student Services

Our Services


ABC International assists students in South Africa in finding accommodation with host families

More information on accommodation can be obtained from our offices at reception. Email

Sworn Translations


ABC International facilitates sworn translation of all documents into English, or any other language.

More information on the translation of documents can be obtained from our offices in Braamfontein. Email


In order to study at a university in an English-speaking country, foreign students are required to pass an English language training examination. The IELTS examinations are recognised by all major universities in English-speaking countries. At ABC International, we offer training in preparation for these examinations.

More information on Preparation for IELTS examinations can be obtained from the reception. Email

Trips and Excursions

While we at ABC believe that hard work is an essential component of learning, we also feel that our students need time to relax.

During the year, ABC provides students with the opportunity to go on excursions to various places of interest as well as tourist attractions in South Africa.

These trips offer students the chance to interact in a relaxing environment and are a wonderful opportunity to practise English while getting to know South Africa.

These trips cost extra and are optional, but we strongly urge all students to participate in them.

ABC International encourages its students to go on day trips or short excursions with the purpose of facilitating learning. Trips to the theatre or cinema are encouraged as these trips form part of their learning process in that they will greatly assist with comprehension in English.

Opening bank accounts


To open a bank account in South Africa, a student usually needs to prove their student status to the bank. Our administration office can assist you with this process by preparing a letter to the bank stating your name, address details (both in South Africa and at home), passport or identity card number, date of birth and the details of the your course. Email

Medical Services


South Africa has both public and private medical care services. Our administration office can provide our students with a list of medical practitioners, hospitals and emergency units throughout the Johannesburg area.
For additional information on the above mentioned and activities, speak to our personnel at the ABC International reception or send an email