Listen and Speak

ABC International’s dynamic new education development, LISTEN+SPEAK™, introduces a revolutionary and exciting way of improving listening, speaking and pronunciation skills in English.

This unique programme, developed exclusively for our students, allows them to interact with the computer in a way never seen before. It teaches our students how to move effectively pronounce words enabling them to perfect their speaking and elocution skills.

Premier safety: RISKCOM

ARiskCom, a training and development company based in South Africa, conducts certified outcomes based health and safety training. The company is wholly controlled and managed by a competent team with years of experience in Occupational Health and Safety in the industrial, construction, mining, engineering, agricultural and health environment.

It holds a Health and Welfare SETA Accreditation Premier Safety offers occupational safety training in the oil and mining industries. It concentrates on providing tailor-made training programmes through private tutors in order to offer a cost effective high-quality course within a minimum timeframe.

Its Train the Trainer modules are designed to equip instructor candidates with the knowledge, expertise and experience required to train their equipment operators, thereby creating a safe and efficient workplace.

Premier Safety is prominent in South Africa, neighbouring countries and other parts of Africa.

When catering for French, Portuguese and Spanish candidates, both Premier Safety and RiskCom work closely with ABC International to ensure that the language proficiency level of students does not hinder their ability to excel in the safety course.

An English preparatory course has especially been designed to facilitate fluency and comprehension.

Course Dates 2017

Course Month Course Duration
January 2017 4th January – 27th January
February 2017 30th January – 24th February
March 2017 27th February – 24th March
April 2017 27th March – 21st April
May 2017 24th April – 26th May
June 2017 29th May – 23th June
July 2017 26th June – 21nd July
August 2017 24th July – 18th August
September 2017 21st August – 15th September
October 2017 18th September – 13th October
November 2017 16th October – 10th November
December 2017 13th November – 15th December


Monday to Friday Morning Afternoon
Part time 08:15 – 12:00 or 12:30 – 16:15
Full time 08:15 – 12:00 and 12:30 – 16:15

Price List

Registration:  R600

Study Material 
Basic Books: R600
Intermediate Books: R400
Advanced Books: R300

Half day tuition per month: R2000x1
2 month discount: R1800x2 (x3x4x5x6x7x8x9x10)
Full day students: R3300 per month
Online learning course: R600 per level
Accommodation: All types of accommodation available.

Free internet access Library facilities, Bakery and Refreshment available. Secure and well positioned in Braamfontein with options of accommodation and transport from the airport.