About Us

ABC Profile

Established in 1994, ABC International is a leading English Language Training Centre. Our dynamic English Language curriculum, which has been developed over 17 years, is designed to cater for the diverse cultures of our clientele. We offer a vast selection of courses to cater for individuals with varying levels of knowledge of the English language. We also use the latest technology available to reinforce teaching standards and to achieve excellence in all our objectives.

ABC International’s head office is located in the vibrant suburb of Braamfontein in Johannesburg.

Fast Facts

  • Over 17 years of success
  • Over 400 students attend classes each month in Johannesburg
  • Quality standards of teaching
  • Cutting edge products and services
  • TOEFL and IELTS preparations and examinations

Our History

ABC International was established in April 1994, following South Africa’s first democratic elections. Kim Wetzl, the founder of ABC International, saw the need and opportunity for an English language school. The school started with a mere 4 students in a small classroom. It was called The School of English.
From its humble beginnings, ABC International has grown over the years to become a market leader in world class English Language training. It now teaches over 3000 students a year, drawing its clientele from Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

Through our dedicated and experienced staff, ABC International keeps growing from strength to strength. We are now expanding from our home town in South Africa to offer students in other countries the same winning formula that sets ABC International apart from other English language schools. We are developing schools in various African countries and there is a business model to expand into Asia and South America.

Over the years, we have enjoyed steady growth and development and have emerged as one of the most respected and reputable training institutions in the field of English language tuition. ABC International’s curriculum has been subject to intensive research and testing. We utilise the latest international methodologies and training materials which include audio-visual equipment, computers and DVD language learning.

ABC International recently introduced a new concept called English Beyond Borders which has been developed to facilitate Online English language training for those with a desire to learn but who have limited time to do so. We are exploring new frontiers with our expertise, experience and extensive research in Software Development and Voice Recognition. We have designed a unique technology for learning and speaking English which guarantees immediate success in language and speech/articulation training as well as communication.